Bret Easton Ellis

Internationally Acclaimed, Best-selling Novelist & Screenwriter


“Bret Easton Ellis is a fast, funny, and disarmingly smart thinker and speaker. He’s able to draw on all corners of art, life, and literature in his quest to make sense of it all. You may end up in a weird place or two when you go deep with Bret, but the journey is fun and illuminating.”

—Toby Kamps, Curator of Modern & Contemporary Art, The Menil Collection

Bret Easton Ellis is the author of six novels including, Less Than Zero, The Rules of Attraction, American Psycho, GlamoramaLunar Park, and Imperial Bedrooms, and a collection of stories, The Informers. His works have been translated into 27 languages. Less Than Zero, The Rules of Attraction, American Psycho, and The Informers have all been made into films. 2016 marks the 25th anniversary of the controversial publication of American Psycho. The book has since become a classic, as is the cult film version. A musical version was a hit on London’s West End, and the show hits the Broadway stage in 2016.

Dubbed “the voice of a generation” nearly 30 years ago, Ellis primarily through the use of social media has maintained his status as not only a cultural provocateur but one of the most sought after interviews in the world. Out magazine honored him as one of 2013’s “Out100” for, among many reasons, his outspokenness and the refreshing honesty of his compulsively readable Twitter account. Ellis has spoken across the globe at colleges and universities, arts and lecture venues, and writer festivals about his work and a wide range of topics from censorship to social media to film.

The Bret Easton Ellis Podcast delivers a weekly glimpse into the entertainment industry’s top writers, directors, actors, and musicians. Each week Ellis will discuss the issues and complexities that keep the creative world turning with the people at the center of that world. The same sensibilities that have formed Ellis’s impressive catalog in literature and film will be on display with each and every new episode of The Bret Easton Ellis Podcast. Bravo television network is currently developing a high-concept adaptation of The Rules of Attraction.

Ellis lives in Los Angeles.

Praise for the Work of Bret Easton Ellis


Less Than Zero

“Cathcer in the Rye for the MTV Generation.”

USA Today


The Rules of Attraction

“Serves to establish Mr. Ellis’s reputation further as one of the primary inside sources in upper-middle-class America’s continuing investigation of what has happened to its children.”

The New York Times Book Review


American Psycho

“Bret Easton Ellis is a very, very good writer [and] American Psycho is a beautifully controlled, careful, important novel… The novelist’s function is to keep a running tag on the progress of culture; and he’s done it brilliantly. . . A seminal book.”

The Washington Post



“An express-train ride. . . to hell. . . It does for the cold, minimal 90’s what American Psycho did for the Wall Street greed of the 80’s. You name it, he manages to get it all in.”



Lunar Park

“Addictive..Sublime..Exquisite…Stirringly executed. . . A phantasmagoria of love and loss, a fusion of hallucination and wisdom.”

The New York Times


Imperial Bedrooms

“Hypnotic. . . A haunting vision of disillusionment, twenty-first century style.”



The Informers

“Bret Easton Ellis. . . is an extremely traditional and very serious American novelist. He is the model of literary filial piety, counting among his parents Ernest Hemingway, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Nathanael West, and Joan Didion.”

The Washington Post