Kenneth J. Sufka

Award-winning Teacher and Researcher, College “A-Grade” Expert

Kenneth J. Sufka, Ph.D. is an award-winning teacher and researcher – and a highly sought-after speaker on college and high school campuses. His smart and accessible book, The A Game: Nine Steps To Better Grades is a must-read for all college First Year Experience students and for junior and senior high school students (and their parents) eager to get a leg up on the college competition. It is one of those rare books — concise and compelling, yet based on science.  It is quickly becoming a staple in first year college curricula, and high schools are also using its savvy lessons for students already in the college mindset. The A Game is game changing students’ college experience.

Sufka is a Professor of Psychology at The University of Mississippi. He regularly teaches general psychology and brain and behavior, among other courses. He has received numerous awards in his career, including the University of Mississippi’s Elsie M. Hood Outstanding Teaching Award in 1996, Faculty Achievement Award for outstanding research and teaching in 2005, and the Thomas F. Frist Student Service Award in 2006. Professor Sufka has also been recognized by American Psychological Association’s Presidential Citation in 2000 for his national-level efforts at undergraduate curricular reform and by Iowa State University Department of Psychology’s Alumni Achievement Award in 2010 for exceptional contributions to teaching and service to the profession and to the community.

Sufka joined the University of Mississippi in 1992 after earning his Ph.D. in physiological psychology at Iowa State University. He holds joint appointments in the Department of Pharmacology and in the Research Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences at UM. He also holds a visiting research fellow appointment at the Comparative Biology Centre at Newcastle University in the United Kingdom.

Praise for Kenneth J. Sufka and The A Game

“In nine easy steps, Sufka challenges students to take more control of the grades they get and – equally important – he tells them exactly how to do it. Drawing on his professional knowledge of psychology and his years of experience helping students learn, Sufka has given us a marvelous tool to help more students succeed.”

— Melvin D. George, Ph.D., President Emeritus, University of Missouri, President Emeritus, St. Olaf College

“I so much appreciated the insight, humor, and scholarship in your presentations. Thank you for coming to Memphis to speak. If you ever need a cheerleader for your work here, you have one here who would be very pleased to lead the squad!”

— Lynne Marie Becker, President, Brainiac Tutoring, Memphis, TN

“You are now holding in your hands the perfect gift for any student who is headed to college or graduate school. Dr. Sufka generously shares secrets to college success to which only a select few have been privy in the past. A witty, quick read.”

— LaVae M. Hoffman, Ph.D., CCC-SLP, Assistant Professor, University of Virginia

“I love this little book. In this wonderful short volume, Dr. Sufka has covered all the major problem areas common to most students who are having difficulty, and he’s done it with grace, style, and wit. And even better, he brings in psychological research about what is known about learning and memory to back up his advice.”

— Suzanne Baker, Ph.D., Professor of Psychology, James Madison University

“World class advice from a world class teacher. If you want better grades — or want to know how to help your students earn them, then buy this book.”

— Michael P. Lynch, Ph.D., Professor of Philosophy, University of Connecticut

The A Game is a terrific book with 20 years worth of intelligent analysis and practical strategies from a college professor who has been there. The A Game is a collection of teachable moments that is a primer for college success. When students come to school, they should definitely bring The A Game!”

— Jennifer Joslin, Ph.D., Director, Office of Academic Advising, University of Oregon

“This text should be required reading for students entering a University-level curriculum. It is easy to read, well organized, and contains a nice balance between sage advice and humor. The chapters are straightforward. The stories illustrate common problems students run into, exemplifying various bad academic habits, with the rules and ‘game changers’ serving as valuable take-home points. This text is fundamental reading for any college student wanting to get the most out of their education.”

— Stefan E. Schulenberg, Ph.D., Director, Psychological Assessment Clinic, The University of Mississippi

“This book offers clear advice to students in an engaging style capable of reaching a diverse audience. This is the book most of us wish we had when we started college.”

— Jason E. Warnick, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Psychology, Arkansas Tech University

“Dr. Sufka’s message for both the students on academic probation and our honor students was well received.  We found Dr. Sufka to be very personable and passionate about student success.”
—Rita Myers, Director of University College, Prairie View A&M University

Praise from Students

“These simple steps completely changed my college career. It will change not only your college experience but your life.”

— Stephanie Michelle Matas, B.A., former student

“Dr. Sufka, I just wanted to tell you thank you for meeting with me and giving me your book to read. I noticed a nice increase in my grade on this last test and I just wanted to tell you thank you for all of your help! I wish I had met with you sooner!”

— Claire Strider, former student

“As a former general psychology student of your yours (Fall 2009), I was thrilled to see that you had written a book which contains all of the great tips and advice that you shared with me as a student in your class. I read the book and loved it so much that I bought a copy for a friend who will be a freshman at Samford University in the fall.”

— Patsy King, former student

“When I left your office today, before reading your book, I found myself regretting that I did not say more to you because I had so many explanations for my bad grades and unattended classes. After reading your book, I have nothing to say but thank you, thank you, thank you, and thank you! Everything I had to say, you have heard and listened to it a billion times and your book had an answer for it. Every issue I have in school has a reason for why it is important, reasons that make tons of sense. I just needed someone to explain to me why these things matter to have good grades. ‘I had to see it to believe it.’ I wish that the first teacher I went to cared enough to teach me better learning strategies.”

— Cassy Blaylock, former student

“You have completely changed my whole perspective on myself, and what I thought I could ever be capable of. Every step, every thought process, every game-changing piece of advice has made me feel for the first time I was using every single part of my brain, and let me tell ya… it’s a lot bigger than I anticipated. Dr. Sufka, you have seriously brought something out of me I never thought possible.”

— Elizabeth (Lizzy) Houska, Ole Miss Class of 2016