Lawrence H. Levy

Award-winning TV Writer and Novelist

Lawrence H. Levy is a novelist, an award-winning film and TV writer, a Writers Guild Award winner for Seinfeld, and a two-time Emmy nominee. He has written for various hit TV shows such as Seinfeld, Roseanne, Family Ties, Who’s the Boss, Facts of Life, Seventh Heaven, The Love Boat, Fantasy Island, Charlie’s Angels, and Saved by the Bell. When he hit retirement age, he didn’t slow down. He shifted writing gears to become an author of historical mysteries. Second Street Station is his debut novel and Brooklyn on Fire is his second book. A born raconteur, he has spoken and taught at the Classic TV Preservation Society, Loyola Marymount University School of TV and Film, UCLA and USC Film Schools, and Temple Beth David, to name a few.

As a writer Levy has worked with some of television’s all-time greats: Jerry Seinfeld, Larry David, Roseanne Barr, and Aaron Spelling. As an actor, he’s worked with Jeff Goldblum, James Earl Jones, and many others. Levy often gives talks about his TV career. He has a treasure trove of interesting and funny personal stories about these legendary people, many other celebrities, show business in general, and the path that landed him at the top of the television industry. For the past few years, he has been imparting his many years of knowledge, teaching TV writing to students in the School of Film and TV at Loyola Marymount University.

As Levy closed the chapter on his remarkable TV career, he opened a new chapter as an author of historical fiction mysteries. His first novel, Second Street Station (Broadway Books), was named “One of the five best mysteries of 2015” by Library Journal. It is an historical fictional mystery based on a real story about a young woman, Mary Handley. During the late 1800’s when there were no policewomen, she was asked by the Brooklyn Police Department to help sleuth a high profile murder. During her investigation, she comes upon Thomas Edison, Nikola Tesla, J.P. Morgan, the inventor of Coca-Cola, etc., all of whom are suspects and about whom certain interesting, little known facts are revealed.

In Levy’s is second book, Brooklyn on Fire, which the New York Post called a “Must Read,” Mary Handley mixes with New York’s elite (the Rockefellers, Vanderbilts, Huntingtons, Carnegies, etc.), has a love affair with one of them, and finds herself rushing up and down the eastern seaboard to stave off catastrophe.

Lawrence H. Levy is a graduate of Cornell University and the Neighborhood Playhouse School of the Theater where he studied with Sanford Meisner and William Esper. He lives in Southern California with his wife Fran.

Praise for Lawrence H. Levy’s Talks

“Larry Levy is a gifted writer with a hell of a resume, currently bringing new life to the mystery genre. With a deep understanding of the art of writing he also happens to be an inspiring teacher who cares passionately about his students and mentors them toward great careers. Larry has an encyclopedic knowledge of the history of show business. He’s what used to be called a raconteur. They are in short supply these days, which makes him even more valuable. He has the rare ability to tell great stories that span the careers of the great ones from Jack Benny and Lucille Ball to the equally great Larry David with whom he worked on Seinfeld. I’ve seen Larry in front of large audiences and small gatherings. He’s at home in both settings. He never fails to deliver. In fact, he’s welcome in my living room any time.”

—Jeffrey Davis, Chair, Screenwriting Department

School of Film & TV, Loyola Marymount University, Los Angeles

“Having grown up in Brooklyn, New York I thoroughly enjoyed the historical background of this period mystery and its engaging feminine heroine. Second Street Station was not only an engaging read, but was educational, as well. Mr. Levy’s presentation provided insight into his transition from film/TV writer into published fictional author, with many gossipy tidbits along the way. The afternoon spent with Mr. Levy was entertaining, informative and inspiring.”

—Toni Gold, organizer Temple Beth David/Lifelong Learners

“Lawrence H. Levy speaks with authority because he has a commanding presence, and a genius for verbal communication. He’s an elegant literary craftsman who brings alive in person and in print the impeccable words of his creative spirit and polished treasures, skillfully entertaining and educating his readers and audiences in the process.”

—Herbie J. Pilato, TV host of Now & Then

“Lawrence H. Levy is not only a best selling writer of the Mary Handley Mysteries, but a writer that has experience in other forms of writing including collaborative script writing for TV and film. Unlike many writers who do their art in some back room either by themselves or with a group of writers and are proficient in text, I found Larry to be able to communicate to my radio/podcast audience the skill sets it takes to be a writer, whether it’s for a publisher or as one of the magicians that turn their words into dialogue that we all enjoy when we switch on the TV or visit our local theater.”

—Michael Stark, host of LA Radio Sessions

 Praise for Second Street Station:

Library Journal Best Mystery of 2015

“Based on an actual incident and featuring real people involved in the case, this stunning debut by Levy, an award-winning TV writer (Seinfeld; Family Ties; Roseanne), offers a thought-provoking look at life for women in the late 19th century as well as a perplexing murder investigation. Mary is an unconventional, unforgettable protagonist who will appeal to readers who enjoy Jacqueline Winspear (Maisie Dobbs), Sarah R. Shaber (Louise’s War), or Susan Elia MacNeal (Mr. Churchill’s Secretary).”

Library Journal (starred review)

Second Street Station is a great read. Following Mary Handley through this Victorian adventure makes you feel like you’ve found some lost Sherlock Holmes story. It’s impressive that the characters, many based on actual historical figures, are always funny, but the greatest delight is the mystery itself.”

Matthew Weiner, creator of Mad Men

“A promising series kickoff that presents a morally strong heroine with a mystery that cleverly intertwines fact and fiction.”

Kirkus Reviews

“An ingenious story with unforgettable fictional characters, crossing paths with well known historical ones. I learned a lot from this book, the main thing being that I could never write one.”
Larry David

“Mary Handley, an unconventional nineteenth-century female sleuth whom readers are sure to love…overcomes trained killers—using her jujitsu skills and quick wits—and even finds time to take a lover, in defiance of social propriety. Readers won’t expect the surprise denouement as Handley steals the show and guarantees readership for a sequel.”


Second Street Station is a debut novel and the first, I hope, of many more Mary Handley mysteries. Mary is a fearless young woman, and not someone easily thwarted. There are plenty of suspects in the Goodrich murder, but readers will have difficulty figuring out the true killer. This is a great beginning of a potentially excellent series. I highly recommend Second Street Station.

Romance Reviews Today

“I love books in which the female sleuth defies stereotype with­out losing her authenticity. This one is even more impressive because Mary Handley is based on a real person. An added delight is the number of well-known historical figures who are intertwined with the story.”

—Rhys Bowen, New York Times bestselling author of the Molly Murphy and A Royal Spyness historical mysteries

“Lawrence H. Levy brings Mary Handley to life with deft hands, giving readers who love strong and capable female sleuths a character bound to be their new favorite. Second Street Station is the perfect combination of wit blended with an engaging and clever plot.”
Tasha Alexander, New York Times bestselling author of And Only to Deceive and The Counterfeit Heiress

“What do you do with a young Victorian woman so intelligent, yet so insubordinate that she is sacked from her last position? If you are the Brooklyn Police Department and she happens to be Lawrence H. Levy’s delightful heroine, Mary Handley, the only sensible thing is to make her the city’s first policewoman. A fun setting, a resourceful heroine, and a plot that combines danger, humor, and proper sleuthing… What more could anyone want?”
Will Thomas, author of Some Danger Involved and Fatal Enquiry


Praise for Brooklyn on Fire: A New York Post “Must Read”


“Book clubs rejoice! A new mystery series has arrived on bookshelves and it’s spectacular. Lovers of historical fiction and mystery, humor and social mores, will love Brooklyn on Fire. Detective Mary Handley is a total original. Deft, wise, and ambitious, Handley has a moral center and a longing heart. Her world cannot confine her. Nineteenth century New York City is painted with color and verve, as Mr. Levy weaves history and its colorful true characters with fictional elements that will have you reading long into the night. Brooklyn on Fire has Mary leaving her post with the New York Police Department and going out on her own, (her office is operated out of a bookstore!) You will root for Mary every step of the way, as you will for every installment of this series to come. The only mystery here: where’s the next one, Mr. Levy? We’re waiting!”
—Adriana Trigiani, New York Times bestselling author of The Shoemaker’s Wife

Brooklyn on Fire is a well-told tale of greed, class warfare, and bigotry that keeps the reader turning pages to a most satisfying conclusion. A delightful heroine, whip-smart and believable, makes this a strong addition to what I hope will be a long-running series for Lawrence H. Levy.”
—G.M. Malliet, Agatha Award-winning author of the St. Just and the Max Tudor crime novels

“The second book in Levy’s Mary Handley series puts the gal gumshoe in the middle of a mysterious murder involving a high-stakes family scandal. Soon Handley is rubbing noses with Carnegies, the Rockefellers and the Vanderbilts. A wild journey down the Eastern Seaboard ensues, not to mention a romance with a member of New York’s elite.”

New York Post

“Engaging…[A] charming historical.”
Publishers Weekly

“A worthy sequel to Second Street Station. Handley is an independent, insightful detective from the same mold as Charles Todd’s Bess Crawford and Frances Brody’s Kate Shackleton.”

“Levy’s follow-up to Second Street Station is another compelling mystery featuring consulting detective Mary Handley. Real historic figures mix well with the story, and Handley is a strong heroine…Levy makes the reader feel like they have been transported back in time.”
RT Book Reviews

“Levy does a fine job of mixing historical characters and situations with his feisty, liberated detective.”
Kirkus Reviews